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Rants & Raves

"We live in a time when indie films (especially zombie themed ones) are a dime a dozen. Still, we here at Dread Central watch everything so we don't miss that long sought after diamond in the usually very rough. To my delight, Beneath the Surface just so happens to be one of those shining spots amidst a sea of darkness... what sets it apart from the pack is the raw directorial talent and great writing sensibilities displayed by Reigle."
--Uncle Creepy


"BENEATH THE SURFACE stands on its own as a well-crafted production. And Reigle, given the heart for storytelling he demonstrates here, is sure to be heard from again if given the right opportunities."
--Jessica Leibe

"Finally, Necrophila for high schoolers! It's John Hughes meets George Romero, Reanimator meets 'Dude Where's My Car?' and 'Necromantic' meets 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High.' Sexy, funny, sick, clever and more fun than a bong full of maggots. Girls and Corpses grades' Beneath the Surface' A+... I laughed 'til I died!"
--R.S. Rhine (aka Corpsy)
Publisher / Deaditor-In-Chief

Girls and Corpses Magazine

"Has all the warmth and humor of a John Hughes film... gone horribly wrong!"
--Mr. Lobo

"Very entertaining! Beneath the Surface is Shaun of the Dead meets Weekend at Bernies... in a good way!"
--Sean S. Cunningham
Director, FRIDAY THE 13TH

"The cast exceeds expectations and then some... Dominique Croix gives a flawless performance as Kahlah... Beneath the Surface is a refreshing and unique twist on the zombie / horror film. Overall what makes Beneath the Surface so enjoyable is its clever dialogue and well rounded characters."
--Michael Den Boer

"Beneath the Surface is a fun zombie love story that will have you obsessing for more."
--Anthony Thurber